Doug Hutchinson Quits Movie About Older Man Banging A Teenager, It ‘Concerned’ Him


Doug Hutchinson might pose for pictures like these in a family-oriented setting, but actually provide him with acting work in a movie about an older man’s torrid love affair with an underage girl and you’ll see a man overcome with deep morals and conviction. He’s a churchgoer, for God’s sake. RadarOnline reports:

Doug was set to star in the movie The Genesis of Lincoln where he would play a man who is a director that has a “strange and scandalous relationship with the teenage pop star he casts,” according to the production company.

“I know it’s gonna surprise a lot of people to hear this,” writer/producer/director Richard O’Sullivan said about The Green Mile and Lost actor, “but Doug was legitimately concerned about some of the sexual content and how people might not be able to separate who he is as a person from the character he was playing.

In Doug’s defense, the script might not accurately portray the very real and spiritual connection a middle-aged man can feel for a 16-year-old girl’s confused, yet unspoiled vagina. For example, it probably doesn’t even address the complicated dance of hearing your new child bride talk about her hopes and dreams while secretly knowing that her own mother essentially sold her into white slavery. Don’t get me wrong, you eventually tell her, because, seriously, again with the talking? They don’t make padlocks for basement doors like they used to. I can tell you that much.


I'm like 99% they're irl trolling

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