Of the Duggars,and Children's Missionary RPGs set in Tanzania...

The Duggar family, featured on TLC's hit reality TV show 19 Kids and Counting, has started a new partnership with the fastest growing Bible translation organization in the world. The Seed Company, founded by Wycliffe Bible Translators, announced Wednesday the partnership with the family, in which they will work together to teach families and children the story of the Bible with the goal of spreading God's word around the world.

“We feel extremely blessed to partner with the Duggar family in our shared mission of spreading God's word,” says Roy Peterson, president and CEO of The Seed Company.

As part of the partnership, the Duggar family's website includes a callout to The Seed Company's KidsDiscover program.

“Becoming a recommended resource on the Duggar's new website is a great opportunity, as we strive to reach a larger audience with our KidsDiscover program to help more families and children connect with the Scriptures while also providing them with an opportunity to support the Great Commission,” Peterson says.

This interactive and educational program, designed to engage children in God's word by bringing families together to experience the Bible through storytelling, is a segment of The Seed Comany's OneVerse ministry.

“By partnering with The Seed Company, we are not only providing families with the tools to grow closer to God, but we are also providing them with a way to grow closer as a family through God,” Duggar explains. “It is our sincere hope that families utilize the KidsDiscover program as a catalyst to share the Bible together and simultaneously consider the opportunity to share the gift of God's word with a family across the globe.”

KidsDiscover offers two free 10-week programs—one for the Old Testament and one for the New Testament—to take participants on a journey from creation to the early church. After each weekly Bible story children can evaluate their progress with vocabulary builders, challenge questions, fun games, downloadable worksheets, team activities and more.

“As a parent, one of the most powerful tips we can provide other families is to teach their children to love God with all of their heart, soul, mind and strength and to memorize His word as a family,” says Jim Bob Duggar, father of 19.

The program combines education with a missional component by teaching families about the more than 2,000 people groups, or 340 million people, still living without the Scriptures in their heart language. Through the program, families will have the ability to share God's word with these people groups and help His story come alive in their mother tongue.

The Duggar's website will also launch MakaziVille, an interactive online game challenging children to build a village in Tanzania, this fall. The game will educate children about the sometimes harsh realities that other parts of the world face while challenging them to overcome social, religious, environmental and economical obstacles.

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Basically, someone in a previous post mentioned a Duggar Tater Tot Recipe. I went to the website and saw they had an ad for a game called "MakaziVille". In essence, it appears to be some creepy online RPG for children to become missionaries in Africa and help out those poor bible deprived villagers... Couldn't find any info on it 'cept on their site and the source, found the site where you can play, but couldn't resist Xing out long enough to get out of the plane after some pastor was yapping via cellphone about Tanzania. I just want to know how Josiah got stuck with the promotional gig out of them all...
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