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A Samurai in the City of Angels: Jin Akanishi poses for Vogue Japan & talks 47 Ronin

With an english pronunciation that is rather clear and well paced despite it not being his native language, Akanishi clarifies that his reason for coming to LA is due to his interest in American music. In November 2010 ,  he embarked on his first America tour challenge around 5 different cities. He also had a special live conducted on MTV Iggy. Not long after that, he was signed on by Warner Music Group, and since then, he has been working on the production of his album debut, which will be released in 2012. 
Even though he writes most of his own songs, he exclaims that it's a really tiring task. "The composing process is really tough. Really really difficult. But the satisfaction when you complete it is one that can't be topped."  While talking about the type of music he likes, he seems to be specially fond of Eminem ft Lil Wayne's "No love". Despite him being a huge fan of hiphop, he is not going to place himself in any fixed music genre in regards to his America debut. "Popular music often change, and you have to aim to be one step before the rest. But for me, I just want to make good music." 

Another topic he was interested in was the diversity of people living in LA. "Be it Japanese or  American, people with different skin colours and different countries are able to come together".

Jin describes his fashion style as "trashy and casual". "I like items that look like it can be used for a long time. Such as leather jackets."  But his current "problem" is that even if he dresses like he is going to the beach, in reality, he has no time to go at all. After returning to LA, from filming in Europe for 47 Ronin, he has been spending most of his time in the recording studio

This movie that will be screening during winter in 2012 is about Japanese Samurais. However, it will not be a historically accurate period movie, but an epic fantasy one. The filming was mostly done in London and Budapest. Akanishi portrays Hiroyuki Sanada's on-screen son Chikara Oishi, the youngest guy in the clan of the 47 Ronin, and also Keanu Reeves' character Kai's best friend.

He added that he had a lot of fun working with main lead Keanu Reeves. And the most memorable incident would be when he was playing chess with him. Halfway through the game, they both had to return to filming, and in the end they had to end the game without a winner. At first, it seemed like a daily occurrence to him, but he would suddenly realize that this is not ordinary at all. "Though we talked very frankly to each other, but all of a sudden, a pang of realization would hit me "Oh yes, Keanu is the very actor that starred in Matrix!".

The time will come when his name would be widely known even in America. Releasing his first single in the States; Test Drive, and acting in the huge Hollywood movie that Keanu Reeves is starring in, "47 RONIN" will be shown in 2012. However, there is no mistake that this is a big bet to Akanishi; be it musicians or actors, very very few Japanese stars have made it in America. And for any Japanese star to actually do both is even rarer.
To work towards the day his dream comes true in America, he needs to now be like the samurai he acted as, keeping the humble and persevering mindset, and he knows it.


Lauren Dukoff is the photographer for Jin's Vogue Japan shoot. I think one of her most famous works would be the cover for Adele's fierce 21 album.

Sauces: Copy of Vogue magazine jp, annatanhe@lj

- It's nice to see that with an almost complete japanese and asian cast, this movie will try to break the whitewashed Hollywood film mold.

- Or you could also go c it for the lulzy experience of watching Keanu Reeves disembowel himself in 3-D, *shrugs*

~Jin's backlog posts~ (Will keep on posting these until he gets a tag)
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