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billy crudup

katy perry's teenage dream getting away as her marriage goes from hot to cold

Katy's marriage faces collapse!!

If Russell Brand and Katy Perry want to quash rumours that their year-old marriage is on the rocks, they are certainly going about it in a strange way. Last week, singer Katy, 27, appeared on a U.S. chat show to talk about their plans to start a family, but privately she is telling friends her marriage is in trouble. She is understood to have confided in musician Tore Nissen, who is playing in a support act on her California Dreams world tour.

‘Tore has been a shoulder to cry on for Katy,’ says a mole. ‘They get along well, so much so that his girlfriend became suspicious and joined him on the tour.’ Meanwhile, Russell, 35, jokingly took off his wedding ring as he announced plans for a stand-up comedy tour of U.S. colleges – and also poked fun at ‘sororities’ – female societies at universities.

‘I don’t know what a sorority is .  .  . except that they are sort of sex clubs for women,’ he posted. ‘I am going to learn first-hand about sororities.’


I believe it! As Wendy Williams always says, a lot of dumb people think having a guy's baby will keep their relationship going.
Tags: katy perry, rumors / gossip, russell brand
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