People find out Jojo Simmons was talking to a transsexual woman, the media remains transphobic

It looks like Rev Run’s son Jojo Simmons almost got caught playing for the wrong team. He met someone named Julisa on Twitter and the two started Tweeting back and forth and exchanging private messages. Jojo then gave Julisa his phone number and they began texting each other about meeting in person and hooking up.

What Jojo didn’t know was that Julisa was really a transvestite! He claims he had no idea he was talking to a tranny, but Julisa said he/she made it very clear that she was really a man.

Julisa is now putting Jojo on blast and this definitely isn’t going to help his image. I have a hard time believing Jojo couldn’t tell she was a tranny… I mean just look at the pics!

I can't with his response , the commentary at the sources and all over the internet. The most embarrassing thing he has ever done is try to be a rapper. I wonder how Rev Run is handling this. 

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