Two More Preview Clips from "American Horror Story"

American Horror Story continues this week with "Open House," and it looks like the Harmons may be one step closer to selling the house - or at least think they're one step closer, based on the latest clip released.

In the newest clip (below) from "Open House," it looks like it's a good thing Moira is appearing as her younger self to the potential buyer. The sneak peek shows Moira both older and younger, depending whom she's talking to. The clip begins with the realtor leading the prospective buyer into the kitchen, where Moira's waiting, and he's certainly interested in her. Yes, she comes with the house. The possible buyer was looking at a house a couple blocks over, but it's more expensive. When he mentions that one does have a pool, the conversation turns to tearing up the backyard - and the gazebo - to install one. Moira likes the idea. Vivien asks if he wants to see the rest of the house, and he wants to know what's wrong with the place considering the price they're asking for. Oh, that list can go on forever. Vivien tells him it has a troubling house and about the previous tenants' past. However, he's still interested, and he wants her to call if she gets a serious offer.?

Considering it's not likely that the Harmons will be moving anytime soon on American Horror Story, this buyer is out of luck. Will he end up a victim of the house anyway? Will he be persistent in wanting to buy the house? If he only knew what was really going on, he'd change his mind very quickly about being interested.


In this second video, we have Vivian coming in to check up on Violet, with Violet asking Vivian about love and how she knew she loved Ben. Also, Vivian begins to take notice of something...


TOMORROW!!!! Cannot WAIT for this episode!