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Kanye West's Girlfriend Stands Up For Her Man

Image hosting by Photobucket is a hot online gossip message board that is constantly being updated with the latest gossip and photos. Its not out of the ordinary to find threads dedicated solely to picking apart a celebrity. Those ladies can be quite vicious! Nine out of ten times the actual subject of the threads never take an opportunity to respond back. That wasn't the case this time.

To say that Kanye West is an attention whore has become somewhat of a cliché thing to do. You almost instantly expect for him to try to bask in the limelight. This time the attention is not focused so much on ‘Ye but his girlfriend. Brooke Crittendon went on the defense not only for her man but for herself composing a rant on her Myspace profile.

Brooke wrote:

“I read the threads, had no idea the hate was so thick! It's just so funny reading what they say and what they think, it's so sad bc they r so far off the mark. But the truth shall set you free, so here it goes: Yes, clearly I WAS the baddest bitch on SU's campus, and it was no secret :O) Ironic for what is probably comprised of a bunch of baby mamas and welfare chicks to be so intrigued with my personal life as a 18-21 year old in college”

Well damn, its no wonder those two made a nice couple. They are clearly not lacking in the confidence bordering arrogance department. But the ladies of LSA may be having the last laugh. Miss Info of Hot 97 reported last week that the pair recently split. While I don’t know the exact reason I think its safe to assume that Mr. West didn’t want to share the spotlight, divas never do.


Myspace is the new club fight/fight club.

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