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‘Breaking Dawn’ Reviews Are In and The Critics HATE It!

We’re so pumped for the fourth ‘Twilight’ installment, but the press couldn’t wait to tear it apart — are they being too mean?

Breaking Dawn is one of the most anticipated movies of the year, but critics are not taking kindly to it after the first screenings!

Press reviews are starting to trickle in, and the Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart sequel is getting PANNED.

Variety showed no love for what they considered to be a poor take on rich source material, writing, “All the more disappointing, then, that a story so pregnant with dramatic possibilities should wind up feeling like such an unconsummated opportunity.”

"… the happy couple jets off to Rio, which is so little seen it scarcely seems worth the trip. … They skinny dip at night to some incredibly insipid songs, they're very tender and understanding with each other, and then in the morning the bedroom is in total disarray; we never see anything of what came between, no moment of surrender, which is what the series has been building to all along. Where one legitimately hopes to register what Bella feels upon finally giving herself over to what she has so long desired but resisted, all we get are languid and lax interludes of what still seems like puppy love. Very lame, and very disappointing." 

The Hollywood Reporter says the film is quite boring, noting that, “What you’re left with is to gaze at the three leads, all of whom have their constituencies and reasons for being eminently watchable. The only hope is they’ll have more to do next time around.”

Worst off, Screen International writes that the leads are dull, saying, “The performances in Breaking Dawn are largely soapy and melodramatic, especially from [Taylor] Lautner and to a lesser degree Pattinson.”

Screen Daily says Melissa Rosenberg “does a decent job of distilling some of the main conflicts from the 750-page novel” but thinks director Bill Condon is a “subpar director of spatial action”, citing a fight between the wolves and the Cullen clan that ends up being “a jumbled mess with a shrugging emotional impact.”

Plenty more reviews will be surfacing over the upcoming week, but it looks like it’ll get the same response as the previous films. The fans will love it and it’ll make millions, but critics and regular movie-goers will be left wondering what the hype is all about.

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