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Sandra Bullock and Keanu Reeves are on!

It's a Hollywood love story 17 years in the making...

Keanu Reeves has called Sandra Bullock ‘wonderful, energetic, positive and talented' and she's admitted she adores him.

Sound like a platonic relationship?

No siree.

And we can confirm that, in a love story straight out of a Hollywood script, Keanu and Sandra are finally dating.

The pair have been enjoying a series of dates in LA, 17 years after they first met shooting 1994 hit Speed and five years since they reunited for 2006's The Lake House.

But while we've seen their passionate clinches lighting up the silver screen, Sandy and Keanu, both 47, intend to keep their snogs more private from now on.

‘They've had people trying to set them up for years, but the time was never right,' reveals a source.

‘When Sandra started dating Ryan Reynolds earlier this year, Keanu was pretty jealous. Now that they're both single, they've decided to go for it.'

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I don't know whether to be believe this...As much as I want my favourite ageless god Keanu to find someone, I just think they are friends.

Ah well, gives me a chance to remind myself how much I freaking loved them together in Speed! OTP!

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