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More Victoria's Secret Fashion Show Post

Lindsay Ellingson's Outfits at Her Fittings:

Bregje Heinen's Outfit:

The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show by the Numbers:
The Victoria’s Secret fashion show is set to air November 29 (and is being shot tomorrow) and as we’ve come to expect, will be an expensive display of wings, supermodels, performances and more.

According to WWD, preparations for the event are a year-long affair. Every detail is thought out from costume inspiration (“global cultures and vintage films to Impressionist painters and looks on the ready-to-wear runways in Paris, Milan and New York”), musical guests (Kanye West, Maroon 5 and Cee Lo Green or Nicki Minaj?), model casting and, of course, designing the costumes themselves. The costumes are handcrafted by artisans under the guidance of the show’s lead creators Todd Thomas and Sophia Neophitou-Apostolou.

Click through for what all of this has come down to by the numbers, including the number of these handcrafted costumes, record number of new models, the budget for the show and more:

Budget for the Show in dollars: 12 million

Swarovski Elements used: 2 million

Costumes: 69

Sets of Angel wings: 31

Total models: 38

Newcomers to the show: 15

Themes for the show: 6 (Ballet, Super Angels, Passion Play, Angels Aquatic, I Put a Spell on You and Club Pink)

Weight in pounds of Passion Play Fan Wings: 22

Days Adriana Lima has abstained from solid foods: 9

See below for a behind-the-scenes casting video (via Fashionologie) and inspiration sketches for the show costumes. They’re pretty strange and one of them is, interestingly, a sketch of Nicki Minaj.

Nicki Minaj's Outfit

Sneak Peek At What The Angels Will Be wearing:

Victoria's Secret Angel's 30-Pound Wings:

Behind-the-Scenes Victoria's Secret Fashion Show Fitting With Lily Aldridge!

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