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Zachary and Noah Quinto to star in short film aimed at raising awareness for pet adoption

About this project:

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My name is Sian Heder and I am a filmmaker living in Los Angeles. I am asking for your help in making my next short film, DOG EAT DOG. With two feature projects in the process of being assembled, (which, you may be aware, is like herding cats), I have decided the time has come to make another short. Many of you may have supported my first film, MOTHER, which went on to win at Cannes and garnered many awards at film festivals worldwide. This new project is a short comedy collaboration with my old and dear friend, actor Zachary Quinto. We are using Kickstarter to both raise funds for the film AND to make a sizable donation to the Humane Society in support of dog adoption. So this is both art and charity.

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Years ago, when Zach first tried to adopt a dog from the pound, he ended up in a rivalry with an unexpected competitor. Sometimes real life offers up gems, and in my mind, this story has always begged to be a little film. I have decided it is best told as a dark and funny little fable about obsession, scheming and leaving things up to fate.

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We have an amazing cast and crew on board, and this short film is both a chance for us to craft an entertaining story and an opportunity to raise awareness for a cause that both Zach and I care a lot about - pet adoption. Having both loved pound animals like they were our own children (in my case, Burt - RIP, and in Zach's case, the ridiculously lovable Noah), we both feel strongly that rescues make the best dogs. We are shooting at the Humane Society and shelter dogs will star in the film, (I have no doubt that several of them will end up coming home with cast and crew). So, if you are a fan of Zach's work, or my work, or if you like dogs, (and frankly, if you don't like any of those things, you are a hard-hearted soul)... then this is the movie to support. And 10% of all funds donated will be contributed to the Humane Society!

When we look at shooting this film, we realize that it is going to cost about $10,000 to make. We are asking for you to help us reach part of that goal... or exceed the kickstarter goal and help us fund the whole film! Even if we reach our $7500 goal, we will most likely still need additional funds for post-production to complete the project. That money goes to pay professionals who will be operating the camera, recording sound, designing the lighting, editing, writing music, all of which we need to make a great looking film.

We plan to shoot in the first week of December. We are already getting our crew ready, story-boarding and casting.

Everyone who participates will have our gratitude! And at certain levels, you will be receiving an opportunity to see the film EARLIER THAN THE REST OF THE PLANET. You can get a digital download of the movie in HD or a DVD and some other great items. You can also get your name listed in the credits!

Any amount is helpful. So if you can throw us five bucks, awesome. If you have buckets of cash laying around, feel free to put them to good use. Either way, you will be an important part of our team and have our undying gratitude!


This post is brought to you by Noah Quinto:

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...and on a different note, ZQ was hanging out w/ Lea Michele in NYC yesterday. And you all know who else was there. That's all.
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