Blind Items

1. Which B list actress, who made it big in a film based on a book, is having trouble with her teenaged daughter? She and her daughter have been clashing over the daughter’s messy habits, particularly her messy room. The actress has threatened to throw away all of her daughter’s stuff if she didn’t keep the room clean. As our B-lister was following through with the threat, she found tin foil and straws with white powder in her daughter’s room. She is devastated. (Buzz Foto)
My Guess: Diane Lane? This sucks though, must feel like shit to discover that about your child

2. There’s no denying that this actor is very talented. However, in this town, talent will only take you so far. There’s a good reason that our actor’s been getting a lot more face time and screen time and attention this season than the rest of his castmates. It’s because our actor hit the old casting couch with the show’s producer. Even though the overt favoritism is causing dissension among the ranks, the producer just can’t stop giving his honey more screen time and parading him around at various industry events like a prized poodle. Most people outside the show haven’t made the personal connection between the actor and the producer yet. Perhaps it’s because there is such a significant age difference between the two. Or, perhaps it’s because the actor has explicitly stated in interviews that he is straight. Or, perhaps it’s because the producer is supposed to be getting married. (Blind Gossip)
My Guess: newly engaged Ryan Murphy with Darren Criss. The blind doesn't say the producer is engaged to a WOMAN....

3. This actor is a solid B list and has been for years. Sometimes he headlines a movie, but for the most part, he is the second lead. Solid actor and everyone knows who he is. He also has a very attractive daughter. Very much so. The daughter has a bit of a drinking problem and when she drinks she shares a story of what happened to her when she was 15 about to turn 16 and how she was hit on and eventually had sex with this A list movie actor who is a nominee/winner of some of the biggest awards in acting. A friend of her father’s, they had a brief fling and supposedly this brief fling also broke up the A list actor’s long time relationship. His significant other could handle the cheating, just not with a 16 year old. (CDAN)
My Guess: Kevin Bacon, Daughter Sosie & Tim Robbins. Tim bb u better watch urself, chris hansens gonna get u gurl.

4. This A list R&B/Pop singer is married. She believes in her vows and has been said here several times, her husband who is also a musician does not. She thinks he has finally straightened out. Well, he probably will be after he takes care of paying off his latest fling. Apparently she managed to get photos of the musician in some very compromising positions. (CDAN)
My Guess: either Alicia Keys or Beyonce

5. His wife is pregnant and he makes sure to tell everyone on the internet how happy he is about it. Ironically, it’s also on the internet where he met his gay lover that his wife thinks is just a really, really good buddy. (Buzz Foto)
My Guess: Jared Padalecki

Gorgeous day in nyc. I can tell because it looks like it from my cubicle.