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blonde beauties post: kirsten dunst + michelle williams at the afi festival

Hi, welcome to my post featuring two of my blonde favs. The Michelle half consists of the My Week With Marilyn Gala at AFI Film Festival, Dom Coop and Julia Ormond also make appearances; cute and fashionable LAX candids and two new Marilyn clips in which Marilyn and Colin sneak away from set, and Vivien Leigh meets Marilyn.

The Kiki half features her being fashion forward, as per, at the AFI Melancholia screening, the Young Hollywood roundtable, in REM's last ever music video for "We All Go Back To Where We Belong"; on Good Morning America and ready for a hoedown on Jimmy Fallon.

My Week with Marilyn Gala

Arriving at LAX (Nov. 5)

Another Marilyn clip

Julia Ormond as Vivien Leigh meeting Marilyn

FYI, there are three b-roll videos and interviews with all the cast members from My Week with Marilyn at trailer addict. I'm not posting them because that shit is long tbh!

Melancholia Screening

Young Hollywood Roundtable (Nov. 4)

Arriving and on GMA

On Jimmy Fallon [via]

In REM's last ever music video


if they were actually together we could've had a dick reunion!!! tyfyt ♥
Tags: actor / actress, anton yelchin, british celebrities, candids, film, film trailer / stills / clips, kirsten dunst, michelle williams, old hollywood, red carpet and event

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