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Flop singer from flop metal band flops around on twitter. (Did I mention he was a flop?)

Lead singer of All That Remains gets upset when called a homophobe after SURPRISE! using homophobic slurs.

All That Remains singer Phil Labonte has spoken out about the backlash he’s received for calling Black Veil Brides vocalist Andy Biersack a “f–ing f–got’ in reference to a song battle involving the two bands.

Labonte took to his Facebook and Twitter accounts for a series of posts related to the matter (as compiled by The PRP):

“”I use the word “F–GOT” in reference to a guy who dresses like @Jeffreestar but w/o the pink and it makes the metal “news” and I’m a homophobe. I say “I back gay rights 100%” and no one makes a peep. Nice job metal media.”

“Also, I’ve talked to @jeffreestar, he’s a cool guy. Or girl. And he doesn’t get fucking butthurt by the word “f–got””

“Oh, and he’s sucked WAY more d–ks than the singer of Black Veiled Brides. I don’t think Andy is even GAY. #mediacreatedoutrage.”

“America, ya know what sucks? Beheading someone for SORCERY. Rape. Murder. Violence. That hurts. Why doesn’t the metal “media” mention any of that? Oh yeah, cause it doesn’t generate traffic to their site.”

“And in six months no on will remember this at all. But in six months the guys who got their heads cut off for speaking out against the NarcoCartels in Mexico will still be dead.”

Labonte’s initial remarks stemmed from a song battle between the two bands on the Flint, Mich., radio station Banana 101.5.

I can't even. Way to miss the point there buddy. And Jeffree Star is a complete shitstain of a human being, he doesn't get offended by anything.

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