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Kanye's Kilt Kauses Koncerns

The internet has been giving Kanye West a hard time since last week when a photo of the "Power" rapper wearing a kilt hit the web. Blogs and commenters have called the item a dress and questioned his masculinity for his controversial fashion statement.

But Ariel Kaiser, Yahoo! Shine wardrobe stylist and lifestyle blogger, doesn't think Kanye's style choice is a big deal. "I don't think he looks like a woman," Kasier said. "He wasn't wearing a pink … He wasn't wearing a dress with heels. He was wearing something reminiscent of ancient warrior clothing."

Kanye's thigh-length, black leather skirt is from the Paris designer Givenchy's Spring Summer 2012 men's collection.

Kaiser, who describes Kanye's kilt as cool, said the United States is bit more conservative when it comes to this particular men's item. "There are men all over the world who wear skirts. It's very big in eastern culture. It's not like a western thing obviously, but it happens."

Kaiser believes Kanye's motivation might be partly inspired by his desire to set himself apart from the norm. "Anything Kanye does does not surprise me," she said. "It's like Gaga. There's always a meaning behind it, and it's always trying to get a rise."

Kaiser's ancient warrior correlation also makes sense. On Kanye's song "Monster," he raps about being a pharaoh. His moving portrait video for "Power" took its cues from Greek mythology, and he often wears clothing and jewelry with similar images. [illuminati tbh]

Historian and attorney LeGrand Clegg said Kanye isn't the first male pop star to bring attention to wearing a skirt with historical ties. "I think Michael Jackson sorta popularized the image of the pharaonic dress with his video 'Remember The Time' and what they're reflecting is the way Africans dressed in antiquity."

Even Backstreet boy Kevin Richardson, wore a skit when appearing on the VH! Special "Men Strike Back" in 2000.

A spokesperson for Kanye had not yet responded to Yahoo! Music's request for comment.

It's always something. Smh.

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