Rihanna IS our generation's Queen of Pop! DEAL W IT HATERS!

We all saw this coming, but now it’s official: Rihanna‘s “We Found Love” has topped the Hot 100, making it her 11th No.1 in under six years.

The Bajan badass, who first burst onto the scene as a cute-but-forgettable island gyal riding the Sean Paul wave of Dancehall-pop, now has more chart-toppers than the legendary Janet Jackson and Stevie Wonder, is equal with Whitney Houston, and is one song away from matching The Supremes.

While I still have trouble accepting the shady “S&M” remix as a legit No. 1, it’s astonishing just how natural the rise of “We Found Love” has been. The song didn’t peak from hype sales in its first week, initially debuting at No. 16 on the Hot 100 and then climbing gradually over six weeks – and it’s not even album release week for Rihanna, which is a time that always boosts the sales of a song. Additionally, Princess RiRi has yet to even break a sweat promoting the record — “We Found Love” hasn’t been performed once, with most promo consisting of tweeting, a critically-acclaimed music video, and a completely unrelated Esquire magazine cover naming the songstress as the Sexiest Woman Alive.

The success of “We Found Love” is a testament to the superhuman popularity of Rihanna, providing more ammunition for her arsenal as she races neck-and-neck with Lady GaGa for the crown of the biggest female pop star on the planet.

Rihanna’s relentless reign almost has a sneaky quality to it. She constantly gives off the impression that she’s already peaked, and just when you start to believe it, she somehow manages to do something to become even bigger than she was before.

The bombshell’s star power can be felt everywhere right now – even her collaboration with Coldplay, “Princess of China” shot straight into the top five of iTunes upon the release of the band’s new album, while their actual current single was nowhere to be seen (Dial-a-hit! Just call 1800-RiRi!).

MTV recently published an article titled “Is Rihanna really the new Madonna?“, listing the reasons as to why they think RiRi is their heir to Madge’s throne. Realistically, there hasn’t been one female in the past fifteen years that has been able to match both the versatility and independence of Madonna, with the talent, depth, and quality of the Queen’s own brand of pop, but this is a new era with a new set of rules, and if we’re looking for our next pop icon, then Rihanna has it on lock.Britney was the original successor to the throne, but she’s lost her zest and hunger in recent years, and artistically moved backwards rather than forwards; Lady GaGa has become a bit of a one-trick-pony, lacking the chameleon-like qualities that any Madonna wannabe needs to have, andBeyonce and Katy Perry aren’t even in the equation.

Rihanna’s surpassed the tag of being a singles artist, and her record-breaking Loud tour showed that she’s now a hot ticket on the touring circuit (regardless of what many of us think about her live performances). She already has two successful albums (A Girl Like Me, Rated R), and two blockbuster discs (Good Girl Gone Bad, Loud) – if Talk That Talkcan reach the dizzying heights of either Loud or GGGB, that’ll give RiRi three mega-sellers under her belt, in addition to her forever-rising tally of legend-destroying No. 1 singles.

All this and she’s only 23. Who else but Rihanna?

you gotta give it to her! shes srsly one of the most hardworking pop icon in the industry right now! SHE DESERVES IT!!