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Hey bbs. It's time for some King Gubler News. Magic Valley was shown at Festival di Roma and it got great reviews! And it's in Italian...I had to  computer translate it for you (My Italian is very limited, if this was in Spanish I would have done it better and myself). The things I do for King Gubler fans. It's not my naitive tongue so please don't judge the grammar mistakes tbh. 

As you may know, King Gubler was sporting the long hair in this film (I think he's a metal head in it). 

Hey bb, I see you're biting your lip. Must be hard being so damn sexy. Sometimes you want to nibble your damn self. I know what that's like. 

Hey bb, whatcha sweeping. Doing that yard work? Don't you know it's illegal to do farm work/outdoor work with your shit on? 

Hey bb, whacha looking at in the distance? The sun setting? Heards of animals? Hmmm? 

(Rome) and 'direct from beginner Jaffe Zinn,Magic Valley , the film presented in competition at the Rome Film Festival 2011 . "It 'a warm October morning like so many in the quiet town of Buhl, Idaho, but many of its inhabitants will be a very special day. A fish farmer finds his selfish animals poisoned by a neighbor, the sheriff neglects his duties and use the car for personal service, a couple of kids choose a strange play in sunny fields. It will be a different day especially for TJ Waggs, a high school student who, after a party wild, carries on his shoulders the weight of a terrible secret. Filmed with cold cirurgica determination, but warmed by stylistic upheavals, the film tells an entomologist with eye defects secrets of small town America where even the evil assomglia wrong and dangerous to a game between the boys. " A tough mission, but not impossible to Zin decides to tell the life of the rural province with ease and without overdoing it.

"It 'a fact that on any given day a person has no idea what will happen to her - says Zinn - Each day has the inherent potential to change the life prospects. This is what I wanted to explore, when I write iniziatoa Magic Valley, I wanted to make a film that examines the daily lives of people who unknowingly rtitrovano in the middle of a tragedy, and what it means to be unaware of what is just around the corner ".

Shot on a very small budget, the Magic Valley is a classic film that could so much pleasure to the Sundance Film Festival. The cast   Scott Glenn, Kyle Gallner, Alison Elliott, Matthew Gray Gubler, Brad William Henke, Will Estes.  In many of the references I have seen not-so-veiled in Twin Peaks by David Lynch, the story of small-town girl murdered and abandoned in the fields .

"As a side note of the script - the director has ended - I had originally intended the film as a prequel to my quieter than Roland Emmerich's 2012. Then I thought it was too difficult a field and I had to change the final because of budgetary reasons. But life goes on "

Magic Valley is one of the films will be screened at The Space Cinemas. After the screening of the film will be yesterday tomorrow, November 1st at the Embassy Cinema in Rome, and November 2 at the Republic Square of modern cinema. Jaffe Zinn trained at the Tisch School of the Arts at New York University, specializing in film, is known for short films, A Life for M-80 and Bliss, who was nominated for the prestigious Wasserman Award from New York University, with Bliss Zinn has also won two Best Picture and Best Director.

Magic Valley does not have an Italian distributor.


• Crime novelist Patricia Cornwell (she of the sometimes literally mouth-watering Kay Scarpetta series) will guest-star on CBS’ as herself, TVLine has confirmed. In the hit procedural’s Jan. 18 episode, Cornwell will be seen speaking at the “2012 Great Lakes Violent Crime Seminar” in Chicago, before she introduces Reid (played by Matthew Gray Gubler) as the next speaker.

I'd love to watch him lecture on the history of sex. UNF at the 85 Baretta revolver on his hip. DED every time I see it b/c it draws my eyes downstairs. 


Our holy hotness
who art come from Las Vegas
Matthew Gray is thy name.
Thy Kingdom has come
Thy will be done 
On earth and as it is in Los Angeles 
Give us this day
full of your hotness, and the joys in our life
our daily bread
and forgive us our trespasses
for King Gubler is the king of Hot Hipsters men 
The power and sex appeal be forever yours
forever and ever

Go forth in peace to love and peace. And speak of King Gubler's hotness in all your endeavors. AMEN 

Thank you for your time :) 


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