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Philipp Plein ready to drop Lindsay Lohan from 2012 campaign.

Isn't it such a pain when jail gets in the way of modeling gigs? Sigh. The life of a fading starlet.

Lindsay Lohan will only have to serve, at most, six days of her 300-day jail sentence if she does everything the judge tells her, but those six days may be enough to lose her a pretty penny. According to Fox411, the terms of her sentence may cost her a half-a-million dollar deal as the face for German designer Philipp Plein's 2012 campaign.

"Lindsay has contributed a great deal to Philipp brand and we can only hope that something can be worked out so that Lindsay will be able to make a couple of appearances that have already been planned in Europe," says a rep. She's supposed to be in Dusseldorf as early as Nov. 15, but she's not supposed to leave the country unless it's approved by her probation officer, and so long as she doesn't miss any work at the morgue.

It's not like Plilipp Plein didn't know what they were getting into when they signed her, though -- in fact, her less-than-shiny image is what got her the gig, according to a spokesperson.

"Lohan's image is consistent with many of the Philipp Plein brand values, that include unconventionality and controversy, with a rock and roll spirit. These elements, combined with Lohan's talent, beauty and high visibility made her an ideal choice as the face of this young upcoming luxury brand."

The good news (or awful news, depending on how you look at it) is that Lindsay wrapped her Playboy shoot and will definitely be on the cover, which no doubt earned her a nice chunk of change.

Her super-awesome mom, Dina Lohan, sat down with The Insider and confirmed that Lindsay will be on the front cover of the mag -- probably in December. "[Lindsay] and Mr. Hefner will decide. She'll pick 5 cover [options], he'll pick the one he wants," Dina says.

She also says the shoot was "tastefully done," though we have our doubts about her definition of the word "tasteful."

"She's been working in front of the camera with Ford Models since she was a little girl so she kinda knows how to work that," Dina says. Oy vey.

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