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RHOA post

"Real Housewives of Atlanta" star Nene Leakes was spotted taping a segment for TV's "Extra!" with Maria Menounos in L.A. yesterday. And what Sheree revealed on "Wendy Show" today about why she and NeNe are no longer friends. See it all inside...

Meanwhile, fellow "Housewives" Sheree Whitfield, Kandi Burruss, and Phaedra Parks rolled to the "Wendy Williams Show" (along with Phaedra's hubby Apollo and Kandi's mom Joyce) this morning. And Sheree revealed why she and NeNe are no longer friends at all..due to fame blowing up NeNe's head:

“We were friends a long time ago. NeNe has really changed. The fame has totally changed her. It’s gone to her head. She just feels like she’s bigger than everybody."

And about the blowup we can see in the season preview--it was all over money:

"It was an appearance that I had to do; I brought NeNe in on it—actually Kim, as well—and she tried to pull from me and Kim, what we were getting. I don’t care about all the other things that she does, or things that she says ‘cause it really doesn’t affect me ‘cause we’re really not friends like that. We’re acquaintances. When you try pull money or take money from me, that’s just really low,” she added.

Anywho...the three ladies took Wendy's stage to try to perform the hit kandi wrote for TLC, "No Scrubs." Check the video below:

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