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Trouty Mouth's mom will show up before any of your favorite characters' moms, stay mad


We've already shared our hopes and dreams with you Glee fans about what could happen when Sam Evans (Chord Overstreet) returns to McKinley High in episode eight, but now we have some new scoop to fixate on!

Glee is currently casting for Sam's mom, aka: Momma Trouty-Mouth, and we have first dibs as to who we think should grace Lima, Ohio with her presence. We've come up with some fabulous ladies who would be perfect to play the mom of a life-sized Ken doll and we need your help to decide who would be the very best...

That's right, take it all in! Sam's return is only four episodes away and rumor has it he'll be singing Bruno Mars' "The Lazy Song." However, the actress who will play his mom has not yet been unveiled. A little fishy has told us that they are looking for a blonde or brunette woman in her 40s. Hmm…

We automatically think that the mom should have some amazing comedic qualities—this is Glee, not American Horror Story—but she also should be a woman with some serious heart. Like Sam, she went through a lot in season two and although we didn't personally see it, it would be a bit odd if her life was now only sunshine and rainbows.

True, Glee will most likely cast a lesser-known actress for the part, but just let us dream, OK? Whoever this woman will be, we hear she might be around for more than one episode. We are so excited to finally get to meet some more parents this season (still waiting on Rachel's dads!), so we've rounded up out Top 5 Picks to join the cast as Mrs. Evans:

Leslie Mann: Judd Apatow's leading lady has already proved that she can bring the hilariousness while playing a frazzled housewife in Knocked Up, and now we think she could be equally awesome on Glee. What if she verbally assaulted Sue like she did with the doorman? "You're just some roided-out freak with a clipboard!!"

Calista Flockheart: She's sincere, she's classy and she's got a bit of a distinctive mouth, too. (In the best possible way, of course!) We could totally see Flockhart being a great mom for Sam, and this could be the perfect way to get Harrison Ford cast as his dad! Indiana Jones on Glee? Be still our beating fandom hearts.

Jenna Elfman: Oh, yes! We're talking about the quirky and often spacy actress who graced our TV's in the 90s with Dharma & Greg. Plus, she played Justin Timberlake's mom in this summer's comedy Friends with Benefits, so you know she's had practice having a hottie for a son!

Kristen Wiig: After watching her numerous years on SNL and practically choking on our Sour Patch Kids from laughter during Bridesmaids, we are confident that Wiig could take any role and spin it into comedic gold. And as an added bonus she totally looks like she could be related to Sam! (It's all in the noses.)

Taylor Armstrong: OK, so we made an obvious lip-centric casting comparison with this Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star. Don't judge us. Embrace us.

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