Annie are you okay? (bmblebeela) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,
Annie are you okay?

Guess who I met at Chuck E. Cheese...

Yes, I still go there, their pizza is delish and I like to cheat on that one game where you roll the ball and try to make it in the little holes...


Excuse my red flushed fat face, i was extremely excited and nervous 

LET ME TELL YOU ONTD SHE IS FREAKING TINY! I'm around 5'3 but I swear to god she had to have stood on her tippytoes for this picture because I don't remember her being this tall LOL.  I'm assuming she went for a birthday party since she brought a gift.  I immediately did a double take when I saw her face coming around the corner because it looked like there was a floating picture of her head coming out of the wall but then I realized it was actually her.  The fangirl in me came out and I shrieked and said ohmygod.  She heard and saw me, she did a little half smile and walked towards her table.  NO ONE AT MY TABLE KNEW WHO SHE WAS AND I WANTED TO SLAP THEM ALL.  Go educate yourselves, ffs.  Anyways, because she was wearing that highlighter colored shirt, I was able to stalk her with my eyes and omg she is adorable with her child I presume?  She took her daughter to the jungle gym where there's tunnels and slides and shit, and girlfriend actually went INSIDE and went thru the entire thing LOL, I almost died when I saw that.  
Anyways, I saw that the party had ended so I waited at the exit of the little reserved tables to ask her for a picture and it's like she knew i was going to ask her for a picture.  She came out and my dumbass went up to her and was like, "HI MY NAMES ANNIE AND THE OFFICE IS AWESOME AND YOURE AWESOME AND IM A BIG FAN CAN I HAVE A PICTURE PLEASE OMG IM SORRY IF IM BUGGING YOU ILL LEAVE YOU ALONE IF YOU WANT BUT YOURE AWESOME I LOVE YOU WHAT"   She just had this smile on her face and said "Sure, but I have to hold onto her (her daughter) because I don't want her to run off" I yelled and said SHE CAN BE IN THE PICTURE TOO IDGAF and she just laughed and she took the picture with me.  I again told her she was awesome and I loved her and she politely said thank you and headed off.  She seemed like she was in a hurry so it was super nice of her to take a picture with me.   

I also saw Nicole Sullivan from MADTV there but bitch left before I could even take a picture.  I met Debra Wilson a couple years ago so it would've been my dream come true if I gotten a picture with her too :'c

Source:  Myself and my camera ya'll
Tags: the office (nbc)

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