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Episode Review for Misfits 3x02 and 10 Teaser Lines

Despite the eye-grabbing, music video inspired opening montage, Episode 2 of the new series of Misfits does venture into rather meaningful character-based storytelling.

The character here being Curtis (Nathan Stewart-Jarrett), whose new "super power" is the ability to change sex. Wanting to get back into running, using his female alter ego is the only way to do so (he's still banned for being caught with drugs, if you recall - and even if you don't there's a reminder or two).

This, of course, leads to other problems - notably unwanted male attention, which becomes the focus for the story. Melissa, the "girl Curtis", gains the gaze of almost every man she meets, with most wanting to take it further. But, as Curtis has eyes for fellow female runner Emma (newcomer/model Hannah Britland), he's not interested.

Also, he's not gay. Though, as a woman, he is. It makes for an interesting dynamic, especially during a revealing conversation with his former squeeze Alisha about their sexploits. NathanCurtis discovers that he is not the lover he thinks he is.

Kehinde Fadipe, who plays Melissa, does a tremendous job in portraying the faux female, and does so strongly. Stewart-Jarrett also shows he has still much to offer, opening his character up for discussion in much the same way that "his" episode in the first series did.

As you would expect, the rest of the crew take a back seat though there are some hilarious moments between Simon (Iwan Rheon) and Curtis (particularly their beautifully realised psychiatrist session) whist Alisha (Antonia Thomas) and Kelly (Lauren Socha) go on the trail of the man in charge of all the powers, Seth, furthering a new sub plot in the process.

Amidst the laughs there is some pretty unpleasnt imagery, including a couple of nasty rapey moments, and some damn erotic scenes (featuring Melissa and Emma) not to mention a couple of oral sex gags lifted from both Seinfeld and Curb Your Enthusiasm.

Misfits is certainly back on form after a rather pedestrian and uninspiring opener. Life has been breathed back into the characters and their dimensions are explored once more with style and thought.

Series 3 of Misfits continues next weekend on E4 with the second episode, which sees Curtis use his new gender-swap power so that he can compete in athletics again.

There’s a complication as Curtis falls for Emma, one of the other athletes, but Curtis is in a predicament as he can’t tell Emma the truth about his real identity.

Series 3 Episode 2 will air at 10pm on Sunday 6th November. In the meantime, here are ten teasing lines of dialogue from the episode...

» 'I'm not a complete caveman.'

» 'Imagine being up to your balls in that.'

» 'I'm not saying you do like being spanked. Maybe you do.'

» 'Use your power, see the numbers.'

» 'Look, you've already undermined my masculinity, let me drive you somewhere.'

» 'This is the reason girls don't tell boys this stuff.'

» 'I had some trouble with my aim.'

» 'The nice thing is, she's seen my cock and she's still up for it.'

» 'I'm pleasuring you?'

» 'You didn't say "No", you said, "Suck my nipples."'

Flawless Kween Kelly tyfyt

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