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Gale Harold talks about The Secret Circle

Charles Meade Pic

The Secret Circle Exclusive: Gale Harold Issues a Warning

Gale Harold took a few moments away from plotting the reacquisition of his powers on The Secret Circle to issue a stern warning to TV Fanatics this week: Do not assume anything about this CW drama.

That was the actor's response to one of my questions in our exclusive chat, the transcript from which is posted below. As we head into tomorrow night's "Masked," read the following Q&A to see what's next for Diana's duplicitous dad...

I had a theory that Diana was actually working with Charles behind the backs of her Circle members. Am I completely and totally off base?
You might be a little off-base. I think Diana is still trying to get a basic understanding of what her Circle actually means. There may be some intuitive understanding that she shares with Charles, but that could only be revealed a little farther down the line.

Charles is taking the death of Nick very hard. Is it safe to assume this is the first time he's killed an innocent?
With these characters, I think all assumptions are very unsafe.

Talk about the dynamic between Charles and Dawn. They are after the same goal, but Dawn seems more focused and cold-hearted when it comes to accomplishing it. Is that a fair assessment?
Dawn does seem to have a very clear strategy, and she's very effective at manipulating Charles to serve her plans. The backstory for that will be interesting to learn. That being said, are they actually after the same thing? Hard to say.

Charles wants to date Dawn, doesn't he?

What is Charles' end game? Is he simply seeking power, trying to protect Diana and the younger generation or both?
I think it's probably power first, because that will ultimately give him the power to protect Diana.

What else can you tell us about where Charles' plans, and the show in general, is going?
Well, Dawn won't let me.


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