Kelly Rowland is too ill for this weekend's X Factor.

Oh man, this is terrible news - Kelly Rowland has been forced to pull out of this weekend's X Factor because she's really ill and thousands of miles away.

Since flying back to the US earlier this week, Kelly's been bedridden with a viral throat infection. Damn those planes full of germs.

Here's the official statement from the X Factor: "Kelly is devastated she won't be here for this weekend's show. She is extremely ill with a viral throat infection and her doctors aren't permitting her to fly. Kelly will be returning to the show as soon as she has recovered. The girls have been in touch to wish her speedy recovery and they can't wait for her to get back. More news as we have it."

A less official but more descriptive source adds: "She is really sick and has a croaky voice. Doctors said she wasn't in any state to fly back for the show."

Despite being holed up in bed with some Lemsip and The Notebook on DVD (that's what we do when we're ill, and we're kindred spirits with Kelly), she's been keeping in touch with her girls via email and is devastated that she can't support them properly this week.

We would send Kelly a get well card, but stamps to America are expensive, so let's just hope she reads this.