The X Factor's Stacy Francis EXPOSED!

There's a blind item that's been going around for a couple of days...

“Which competitor on a reality competition series is going to get eliminated before her real background comes to light? There’s plenty of dirt there, but the most interesting are the three past marriages she tries to hide, and a questionable performance for a very controversial figure. It’s the latter that will get her booted before she makes the producers look really bad and tarnishes the show. And she won’t be able to play victim here, because her exes are ready to step forward and there is video tape of the questionable performance. Naturally, she’ll wail and sob when it happens, but even her crocodile tears won’t be enough to save her.” [Blind Gossip]

Well, let VFTW end the suspense: It's X Factor Finalist Stacy Francis. Stacy has been claiming that she hasn't been able to have a career because of being abused, but not as much as she has abused reality. Read on to discover the amazing truth about Stacy Francis.

For someone who hasn't been able to have a music career and is supposed to be a nobody, Stacy seems to have made herself some very interesting friends...

-Stacy performing at Tom Cruise's 40th Birthday Part 1

-Part 2

-Now here are more videos from that party. Just more of the same you say...unless you dig deeper...

Stacy and Jennifer Lopez

I wonder how Stacy knows Tom Cruise and J-Lo? Perhaps this post made in the above link may shed light on this...

BOTH of those pages (see links below) belong to Stacy. After she won her audition, she deleted videos and every post. Stacy is a FRAUD. Darwin isn't her FIRST husband he is her SECOND husband. Her first husband was a music producer. Stacy has a twenty something year old daughter as well. How do I know? I am one of her former group members from Ex-Girlfriend. Her second husband moved up from Texas and Stacy was the one who brought him into Scientology.

She auditioned for Gospel Best or whatever that show is on BET and lost out from over singing. Stacy has also been in SEVERAL Broadway shows and even made appearances on the old Rosie Odonnell show.

Stacy wants to be a STAR so bad that she posted this picture as if she and JLo were friends. She just happened to be there when the paparazzi shot the photo.

Stacy has done unsuccessfully, and will continue to do ANYTHING to be a star. Her stink attitude has held her back for years-not either one of her husbands. Go to the tabloids, get paid and do some good at the same time.

-Stacy played Effie in a production of Dreamgirls

Here are the links to the videos they're talking about, which have all been recently set to Private by Stacy...

-Stacy Francis audition on BET's Sunday Best season 3. Mind you that show was just last year

-Stacy in the broadway production of Footloose

-Stacy performing on Gordon Elliot looks like late 80's early 90's

-Stacy performing with the group Ex-Girlfriend on Soul Train

While Stacy managed to hide all of these, this is the internet and there are so many that she missed!...

-Episode of The Parkers titled Make a Joyful Noise. Stacy's wearing a pink shirt at the 10:00 min mark of the video. Keep in mind BET has just started airing re-runs of this show recently.

-Here's a video of Stacy with her former band Ex-Girlfriend

-Stacy Francis and Ex-Girlfriend- You're The One For Me

-Stacy in the stage play Friends and Lovers based on the Eric Jermome Dickey book

-Stacy performing at the Oliver Awards in 1995 (The UK's version of The Tony Awards)

-Here's Stacy's page bio...

Recently Stacy starred in Beehive the musical in Los Angeles with American Idol finalist LaToya London. She received rave reviews from The LA Times for her performance. She is also featured on a song with hit music producer Swizz Beatz for his upcoming project.

In addition she recently starred in the national tour of Eric Jerome Dickey’s hit stage play “Friends and Lovers.” The play included: Leon, Miguel Nunez, Mel Jackson, and Monica Calhoun.

Some television credits include: NBC’s “Third Watch,” UPN’s “Half an Half” and “The Parkers,” CBS’s “Yes Dear,” Disney’s “Phil of the Future,” Fox’s “Fastlane,” FX’s “Son Of The Beach,” the WB’s “In My Opinion” and live performances on “The Rosie O’ Donnell Show,” “Showtime At The Apollo,” and “Soul Train.”

At the age of 16 Stacy joined the girl group, Ex-girlfriend that was produced by Full Force.

The group was signed to Warner Bros. Records by Benny Medina. While at Warner Bros. the group recorded two CD’s and toured the world promoting their albums that were also produced by noted singer/songwriter, R. Kelly. Their hit record, “Why Can’t You Come Home” ranked #3 (note: actually #5) on the Billboard R&B Charts.

Before leaving the group, Stacy performed in “Girlfriend”, a made for television movie produced by Oprah Winfrey and appeared on Broadway in the show, “Boys Choir and Friend’s on Broadway.”

An ardent desire to perform in musical theater lead to a starring role opposite the legendary recording artist, Chaka Kahn in the West End production of “Mama I Want To Sing” in London. This afforded her the opportunity to perform at the Olivier Awards, Britain’s equivalent to the American Tony Awards.

Before returning to the States, Stacy performed in Tokyo and then returned home to star in “Born To Sing,” at Madison Square Garden with gospel greats, CeCe Winans and Shirley Caesar. Rave reviews for her performance led to an invitation to join the cast of “Smokey Joe’s Cafe” on Broadway. This was followed by roles in “Street Corner Symphony” and the hit Broadway show, “Footloose” where she originated the role of Rusty.

Other noted performances include singing background vocals for Madonna and having the privilege of performing in concert beside Prince - he featured her with his band.

-Stacy's page with even more stuff

-According to Normal Gentle aka Nick Mitchell from Season 8 of Idol, Whitney Houston and Stacy Francis sang together and pulled him up on stage to perform with them...

“It was my 16th birthday present and a dream come true. About an hour into the show, Whitney stopped and asked, ‘Does anyone in this audience knows how to shoop?’ My mom pushed me in the aisle and I screamed, ‘I love you,’ to which Whitney said, ‘I know you love me, but do you know how to shoop?’ I grabbed the bouquet of flowers that I brought along with my State of Connecticut Olympic medal and a card and went to the stage. It was amazing. That night changed my life forever!” Mitchell, who tried out for Idol under his kooky alterego Norman Gentle, delivered a line from the stage and even got to declare his devotion in Houston’s ear, and then was asked to clear the way for another singer to shoop. He continues: “Whitney says, ‘We also have a very successful singer from New York City who’s currently on Broadway, my friend Stacy Francis.’ Stacy came onstage and she shooped those high C notes like Mariah Carey-style, the place went insane.”

-Stacy's recording of Let's Hear It For the Boy from the Original Broadway cast recording of Footloose

-Notice in Stacy's audition video she didn't say whether the dude was her boyfriend or husband that abused her. Yet before Nicole told her whether she made it or not she mentioned it was her 1st husband. The first husband's name is apparently Michael Sandlofer...

-According to this link he's worked with O-Town

-Michael Sandlofer's IMDB page

-Info from an ex-Scientologist board where it's claimed that the church played a role in her divorce from the dentist husband

-Stacy is mentioned as a vocalist on Prince's Emporium Live CD

Stacy and Will Smith

And Stacy definitely doesn't mind lowering the bar to be on TV...

-Stacy on an episode of the VH1 show Beverly Hills Fabolous where she admits that she cheated on her 3rd husband and the child she's carrying is not his. Her first appearance is at the 3:00 mark and her second appearance is at the 9:45 minute mark. (LOL OMG I knew I had seen her nasty ass before!)

-While all of this may be hard to handle, here's the worst part of all: Stacy's a Glambert Sparkle Cow...

He is probably watching The X Factor as well, because he recently started following Stacy on Twitter. Stacy noticed and tweeted to him on Sunday, "@adamlambert yay!! Thanks for the follow!! Did u know I am a glambert! Hahahah! Hahah I think! Its someone who loves u right?! Hahah" Adam responded to Stacy with, "@stacyfrancis aww of course! I've been a fan of yours since I heard you sing in HAIR at Reprise!" In typical fan girl fashion, Stacy replied, "@adamlambert omg! U saw that?! So we coulda been friends all this time?! Man! What's with my timing?!! All things n Gods time! Xoxo mwah!"

-Here's the poster of where Glambert and Stacy performed...

Stacy's past includes an incredible number of TV appearances, stage and Broadway performances, music acts, videos and shows and just about everything else you could imagine in what looks likeanything but someone who hasn't been able to have a career. She's accumulated A-List celebrity friends and contacts (some of them not so cool). Her personal life is like a soap opera. It's been incredibly annoying watching her constantly sobbing about how she's been held back from having a career but Stacy may now have something to really sob about...