60-year-old and her toyboy visit a pumpkin patch, get kicked out.

It's not the first time she's been banned from something due to her sexual antics, but on Saturday Courtney Stodden was asked to leave a pumpkin patch due to her inappropriate behaviour.
Courtney, 17, who is married to 51-year-old actor, Doug Hutchinson, was shopping for Halloween decorations in California over the weekend with her husband - but just couldn't seem to keep her hands off of him.
Behaving inappropriately in a place that welcomes families with young children, it wasn't just the couples public display of affection that prompted security to approach them - but the teenager's barely-there outfit too.

Wearing a pair of tiny denim shorts that just about covered her bottom, the blonde wannabe TV star showed off her perky cleavage in a checked shirt which she wore tied up and finished her awful look with a pair of white PVC knee-high boots and sunglasses.
The attention-seeking pair - who married in May this year - started off by genuinely browsing through the many pumpkins that covered the ground, but Courtney soon turned the shopping trip into a photographic opportunity.

Acting like it was her very own photo shoot, the tanned teenager began posing with the orange vegetable exposing her bare bottom cheeks - but she soon found another perfect accessory.
Pulling her famous husband towards her, Courtney began kissing and cuddling the actor as she stood with her platform boots on a pile of pumpkins.

But the couple weren't stopping there and decided to show onlookers just how in love they really are.
Doug, who wore a pair of baggy shorts, a printed vest and beanie hat with sunglasses, looked more than pleased as his young wife wrapped her legs around him and threw her head back.
The pair were eventually asked to leave the patch by security after they received several complaints from members of the public who found Courtney's attire offensive and her behaviour of a sexual nature.


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