Your Weekly(?) Comedy Roundup Post!

7 Minutes in Heaven with Connie Britton

Louis CK shaves his beard

I just finished two days of filming on "This Side of the Truth" a new film written and being directed by Ricky Gervais and Matthew Robinson and starring Ricky Gervais. I play Ricky's best friend, a very smelly and sad man named Greg. I am giantly intimidated by Ricky because he is great and hilarious and more than that, he's precise, and focused and creative and thoughtful. I went into this project truly afraid that I might be ruining great art. But Ricky's energy is very infectious and he just inspires you to do your best. So I am having a great time and it may just be possible that I don't suck in this movie too badly.
Ricky and Matt asked me to shave my beard for the part which was kind of a shock to my system. I have had a goatee beard since I was in my early twenties, so pretty much my whole adult life. So shaving it off and seeing fourty percent of my face for the first time in about twenty years was kind of... awful. "So that's what's been going on under there". Ugh. My chin, and the one behind it, looked like a porn actor's shaved balls. I'm used to it after a week and a half, but I still catch myself in the mirror and want to die. Right after I shaved it, my six year old daughter said "YOu look just the same as always." But she said it with a very "No, really" tone that made me realize that...

a. I look awful.

b. I have an incredibly sweet daughter, sensitive beyond her years.

Aren't you glad I broke those down into a and b? It would have been so confusing!

Community casts French Stewart as...a French Stewart impersonator

French Stewart has landed a role one might say he was born to play: French Stewart!
TVLine has learned that the 3rd Rock from the Sun alum has landed a guest spot on NBC’s Community as a man named Vincent, who our sources describe as “the best French Stewart celebrity impersonator of all time.” Apparently, Abed (Danny Pudi) finds himself literally indebted to Vincent (who runs a celeb impersonator business) after he becomes addicted to re-enacting movie scenes with celebrity lookalikes over winter break.

New clip from the upcoming season of Portlandia

Maria Bamford's makes fun of "haul" videos, remains flawless

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So, I mentioned in another post I was thinking about making a comedy post weekly filled with stuff that probably wouldn't have enough comments if it was on its own, but was something us comedy nerds could geek out together in. So feel free to leave comments on if you think I should add more or less, constructive criticism etc etc. I tried to include a broad range of stuff, but I am definitely open to suggestions!

I also recommend everyone pick up this month's issue of Spin magazine, guest edited by Patton Oswalt!