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Pamela Anderson isn't ready to reconcile with Tommy Lee, but she does want to have another baby with him!
According to a friend, Pamela, 38, wants to have one more child before she turns 40 and she wants Tommy to be the father.
"Pamela and Tommy create beautiful kids together," the insider says. "She would really love to have another child with him and she's hoping for a little girl."
The pal says that Tommy would prefer to remarry Pamela first, but he will likely agree to father another baby with her, even without the benefit of matrimony. "He never stopped loving her," the insider adds.
The two continue to share custody and parenting of Brandon, 9, and Dylan, 8.


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Don't believe the rumors. Not only are rocker Dave Navarro and his wife of three years, Carmen Electra, still together, but they're getting ready to start a family. "Carmen and I are doing great," Dave tells In Touch. "We hear these rumors that we're breaking up and we just laugh about them."
Dave, 38, says the busy couple--he's touring and Carmen, 33, is filming a new movie--are planning to start a new chapter in their lives together. "We'll have our baby in 2007," he says. "It's something we definitely want to do."


Winona Ryder was looking for her car on LA's Sunset Strip, where she had parked it on March 21, when a valet told her it had been towed. "Don't they know who I am?" asked Winona. "This is ridiculous. Why would they tow my car?"


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Lindsay Lohan was at LA's Chateau Marmont to see a clothing line called Charlotte on March 25 when she realized she was late for a hair appointment. She picked out 12 items in under a minute and bolted. "I have to get my hair done right now!" she said.


Ten minutes after Ricky Martin arrived at Miami hotspot Suite to hear music played by Adam "DJ AM" Goldstein and Pete Tong, he took part in a dance-off against five other dancers! The competition raged on for an hour before Ricky asked for a 10 minute break, during which he vanished into the VIP room.


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His days of being Mr. Jessica Simpson are over, but Nick Lachey is still being haunted by a famous buxom blonde! The singer reportedly told a pal he saw the spitting image of Marilyn Monroe in the elevator of LA's famed Roosevelt Hotel. When he turned around to get a better look, she'd vanished. As odd as it sounds, he's not the first to have claimed this kind of vision: Ms. Monroe is said to haunt the celebrity stomping ground.


Former reality star, Omarosa is bigger than ever! At the Wynn Las Vegas hotel, she busted out her brand new breast implants. As In Touch first reported, Omarosa treated her mom, Theresa, to a tummy tuck, lipsuction, and a breast lift at the same time as her own surgery for a show that will air on the Discovery Health Channel later this year.


Chris Martin's song inspired the name of his and Gwyneth Paltrow's new baby boy, Moses.

"Come on now, don't you want to see?
This thing that's happening to me
Like Moses has power over sea
So you're got power over me
Come on now, don't you want to know?
You're a refuge, somewhere I can go
You're air that, air that I can breathe
'Cause you're my golden opportunity"


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Counting Crows frontman, Adam Duritz is secretly seeing reality TV star and former Playboy Playmate, Trishelle Cannatella. According to an insider, Adam is "extremely attracted" to the 26 year old, but is keeping the romance casual. "Adam's not looking to get married and he's made that clear to Trishelle," his friend says, adding that Trishelle is hoping to get Adam, 41, to change his mind on matrimony. "She's already cooked for him to show off her domestic skills."


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Camera flashes popped as Kevin Federline jumped out of his black SUV and hit the red carpet at Atlanta's Vision Nightclub & Lounge, ready to celebrate his 28th birthday and the release of his album, Playing with Fire. But something was missing. "Where's Britney?" someone shouted. Laughing, he went back to the car--to collect his wife, whom he'd left behind without a second thought.
But Britney Spears didn't find the incident so funny. Growing up in Kentwood, Louisiana, she dreamed of a Prince Charming who'd sweep her off her feet. But her husband's lack of manners has her fed up. "Britney is tired of acting like a thug," a pal says.
A friend of the couple tells In Touch that Britney, 24, wants Kevin to enroll in a "charm school" workshop with Beverly Hills therapist Dr. Irene Kassorla. "Kevin is in dire need of a makeover," their pal adds. "This class could be just what the doctor ordered. It's Chivalry 101!"
But making him over won't be easy. "Kevin is fighting her on this," the friend says. "He cut back on his partying and cut his hair for her. But going to therapy to turn him into a gentleman is not something he is excited about."
But Britney still hopes that with a little effort--and a bit of education--her frog may someday turn into a prince.

Kevin's Many Flaws:
- He Dresses Badly - Kevin looks like a slob even when he goes to ritzy restaurants and upscale events.
- He Smokes Too Much - The aspiring rapper can't seem to lay off the cigarettes, even though it upsets his wife. "They get into big fights about him puffing away in the house," says an insider.
- He's Rude - When Britney and Kevin first dated, he assured her that he could deal with the attention. But now, he's feisty--and liberal with profanity--in interviews and at public events.
- He's Not A Gentleman - Chivalry is not in Kevin's vocabulary! Last spring, he let his pregnant wife walk beside him as he was driven in a golf cart on the set of her sister Jamie Lynn's TV show in Malibu.


"Apparently, now that the ranch is over 15 years old, [Michael] Jackson just isn't that attracted to it anymore." --David Spade
"Directors cast the men they want to be and women they want to have." --Susan Sarandon
"If you're talking about drugs--you name it, I took it. I buried three friends from heroin overdoses. But, you know, onwards and upwards." --Pink
"I clean my toil--well, I make my bed everyday and I clean my kitchen. I do have a housekeeper, but I still do urinate. I know that may shock you. But I do!" --Jennifer Aniston
"I say what I believe people are thinking. I loathe political correctness." --Simon Cowell
"I was painfully shy. I wouldn't even change clothes in front of my mom...Now you can't keep clothes on me." --Carmen Electra
"I believe in buying as many of those creams that say 'eliminate small lines' as possible." --Sarah Jessica Parker
"I'm probably just going to take the 'O.' Rebecca O'Romijn." --Rebecca Romijn on changing her name after marrying fiance, Jerry O'Connell
"I think there are parallels between being good on the dance floor and good in bed." --Matt Dillon
"You don't just stop loving somebody when you get divorced...We were two people very much in love." --Nick Lachey
"I confess that I had my reservations about Colin [Farrell] as a man and an actor. But he won my respect because he's so passionate about his work." --Salma Hayek
"I'm scared of the bogeyman, and I think my high thread count sheets are going to protect me!" --Ryan Seacrest
"I stay friends with women even after we stop dating. It's so easy to say you hate someone and walk away." --Wilmer Valderrama
"If I hear the words 'hunky handyman' one more time, I will freak!" --Ty Pennington
"I wrote 'Every Morning' for a girl. One lyric says it all: 'She always rights the wrong for me.' It's poetry at its finest." --Mark McGrath
"I'm having an early midlife crisis--the gray hairs are not pleasing." --Freddie Prinze Jr.

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