Affluentina spends money, remains prettier and more talented than your faves while doing so!

Christina Aguilera splashes out £6,000 to book half a first class carriage – and demands cloned apples and water shipped from Fiji

When pop diva Christina Aguilera travels around the world, it is usually in the exquisite luxury of a private jet.

So it might have come as a shock to her system when she travelled to last night’s Michael Jackson tribute concert on nothing more glamorous than the 14:15 First Great Western service from London Paddington to Cardiff Central.

But any pretence that the Genie In A Bottle singer was just another commuter on the Intercity express was quickly dispelled when she arrived with an entourage of no fewer than 22 acolytes and was given the full VIP treatment. The welcoming committee even included two uniformed British Transport Police officers among the smartly-dressed hosts from the train company.

And while most travellers would make do with little more than a soggy egg-and-cress sandwich and a bag of Quavers for their journey, Ms Aguilera insisted on a supply of food and drink befitting her international celebrity status.

On board – as per her instructions – was Belvedere vodka; chilled champagne; bottles of chilled Pinot Grigio; Fiji mineral water flown 10,000 miles from the South Pacific; Fuji apples (a cloned variety developed in Japan); unsalted almonds and a pot of pure honey.

The 30-year-old apparently spent £6,000 hiring part of a first-class carriage as she wanted to see the British countryside. Even that was the budget option, after she declined the option of hiring an entire train at a cost of £25,000.

Welcoming committee: Police and rail staff outside the reserved carriage

Long-distance diva: Christina went for a windswept look after her journey to last's night's Michael Jackson tribute concert in Cardiff

Before boarding, her entourage was granted access to the Queen Victoria Lounge at Paddington, also used by the Queen and other members of the Royal Family. Ms Aguilera, who is worth an estimated £90million, had requested that the lounge be decorated with candles and her favourite flowers – white roses – with more chilled champagne on hand.

She was refused the candles because they were deemed a safety risk, but the singer’s other whims were all catered for.

Dressed in leggings, ballet pumps and a tartan flat cap, Ms Aguilera boarded the train at Platform 1, hand-in-hand with her 25-year-old boyfriend Matthew Rutler. They had been staying at the five-star Sanderson hotel in London, and went partying at the The Box burlesque nightclub. On board, Ms Aguilera was given her own steward, while a toilet attendant was on hand to ensure the first-class facilities were kept pristine.

Yet despite all these five-star trappings, a source claimed the singer made ‘no diva-like demands’ of the staff.

‘Christina just sat back and enjoyed the views,’ the source said.

‘She had been told the countryside is beautiful and she just wanted to see it. None of them fell asleep, even though they’d had a late night. They seemed to really enjoy the journey.

‘Her management hired half the carriage through a company called Train Chartering because she didn’t like the idea of a fleet of Bentleys sitting on the M4 for hours on end.’

Ms Aguilera is even said to have eaten a packet of Walkers salt-and- vinegar crisps on board.

Loving memory: Christina at the Michael Forever Tribute Concert at the Millennium Stadium in Wales

In Cardiff, the singer – who last year divorced Jordan Bratman, father of her son Max – performed for up to 50,000 fans in the Michael Forever tribute concert at the Millennium Stadium alongside Cee Lo Green, Michael Jackson’s sister LaToya, and brothers Marlon, Jackie and Tito.

The event had been criticised for coinciding with the Los Angeles trial of the singer’s physician Dr Conrad Murray, who denies involuntary manslaughter.

The other Jackson siblings Randy, Jermaine and Janet did not attend, saying it was ‘bad timing’, while the Black Eyed Peas also pulled out with just days to go, citing ‘unavoidable circumstances’.

Using public transport seems to be the latest celebrity fad. Last week, singer Rihanna travelled to the O2 in Greenwich, South London, on the Tube. She chatted to fans and posed for pictures on the Jubilee Line just hours before she went on stage.

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie also recently spent tens of thousands
of pounds chartering an entire Virgin train from London to Glasgow, where Pitt was filming scenes for his forthcoming zombie movie, World War Z.

Next time you feel like hating on Christina, ponder this: the woman is more beautiful, talented, rich, powerful, respected and humble than you, your fave, and likely anyone you'll ever know and/or associate with. Step off your high horse and deal w/ it.

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