Ron Jeremy: Coming to a College Campus Near You

So tonight I was having a drink (or 12) at my local college tavern, when all of a sudden I see famous porn star RON JEREMY climbing up onto the bar. Naturally, I started snapping photos...

As it turns out, Ron was promoting his new rum, Ron de Jeremy.

He had this to say about it:

"Captain Morgan has one leg. Ron de Jeremy has three."


He was very nice, offering to let us sloppy, desperate-to-get-fucked-up-by-any-means-necessary college students sample a bit of his delicious (in my drunk opinion) spiced rum:

He did give off a bit of a creepy uncle vibe (he called my roommate "baby"), but he was very friendly and generous with his hooch, which is really all I can ask for from a retired porn star.

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