Lindsay Lohan photographed with strange, white powder on black dress

Here's Lindsay Lohan in Milan over the weekend where an actual designer in the fashion industry somehow thought it'd be a great idea to compensate her for modeling his clothes. More on that later but assume it went down like this: So, of course the next day, she was spotted walking around with a strange, white powder on her dress. Granted, it could've been a coincidence just like it was a coincidence she couldn't leave America without her "assistant" who doesn't at all look like a drug dealer, and a coincidence she couldn't stop biting her nails before entering a tiny, secret doorway to an opium den with a guy I'd bet money is in the Mafia. These are probably just photos of her going to church.

(Pics after the cut, so you can make your own assessment and many more with her fingers in her mouth, at the source.)

*Personally, I don't know what's on her dress, I'm more concerned with the fact that not ONE person in her life said to her: you've got powder on your dress. Let me get a wet cloth and wipe that off for you, so the press doesn't have a field day with it and since I care about you. Ugh.