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Episode Description for Downton Abbey 2x04


Preparations are underway for a concert at Downton, to keep spirits up among the convalescing men.

Violet quizzes Mary about her match with Carlisle, but Mary won’t be drawn. She is determined that it is time for her to move on from Matthew. (Guuurl, I know you've always been super pragmatic, but I need you and Matthew to happen.)

The tension continues between Cora and Isobel who both take an active role in running the busy convalescent home but matters come to a head when Isobel discovers she has been over-ruled by Cora.

After the near disaster of the General’s visit, Branson has promised Carson not to stage any more protests so that he can stay at Downton. But what are his true motives for wanting to stay? (Obvs he wants to stay for Sibyl. Tbh, I'm kind of over Sibyl/Branson. Branson is way more into Sibyl than she is into him, and I saw some fans being mad at Sibyl for not returning his affections in the premiere which... no. Sibyl doesn't owe Branson anything just because he has feelings for her. Also, realistically, it's unlikely they'd ever work on the show.)

Robert receives a letter from Carlisle, which causes him concern and forces an uncomfortable conversation between him and Mary. (Dollars to donuts, Carlisle insinuates that he knows something about the Pamuk Situation which Robert is still in the dark about as far as I know.)

Matthew is at the front with William as his valet, and is due home on leave soon but are caught by the enemy whilst trying to return to their lines during a patrol. Can they make it back safely? (!!!!!!!)

Back in the servants hall Thomas is enjoying his position as Sergeant in charge of the hospital and revels in the fact that he is no longer under Carson’s control.

Robert talks to Anna about Bates’s return to the area. Learning that Bates feels he left Downton on bad terms, Robert resolves to visit him but can he persuade Bates to return?

Mrs Bird and Molesley find themselves at a loose end and decide to do their own bit for the war effort. When O’Brien finds out she takes little time informing her mistress what the Crawley staff are up to. (I'm really curious about this plotline. What are they up to and why is O'Brien such a buzzkill?)

Daisy is concerned that William is late for his promised visit, and asks Edith for help. She alerts Robert who tries to find out what has happened. A late night phone call to Downton brings the answer, much to Robert’s distress. (Combined with the earlier statement that Matthew and William are caught by the enemy, I'm betting William dies.)

In the servants’ quarters Mrs Hughes makes a shocking discovery that ends in tears for one member of staff. (I WANT TO KNOW WHAT THIS COULD BE. Please speculate in the comments! Is it Ethel in bed with one of the soldiers?)


P.S. Any chance of getting a Downton Abbey tag any time soon? Being able to track a Downton Abbey tag would make my life way happier.
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