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Brenda Song leaves hospital in tears

Brenda Song was spotted crying after a recent hospital visit. The former Disney star, who is currently dating Miley Cyrus' big brother, Trace, was reported to be pregnant in August.

However, after much speculation, Brenda Song's mother spoke out, saying that her daughter was not pregnant. "It's now how we raised her," she said. So, what does this tearful hospital visit mean?

Brenda was photographed wiping tears from her eyes as she left the hospital with Trace Cyrus, and his mother, Tish. Let the rumors begin! If it turns out that Brenda isn't pregnant, then speculation of a miscarriage, or even abortion, will begin to circulate.

After Brenda's mother made those very strong comments, it could be that Song felt she'd shamed her family by becoming pregnant. Either way, Brenda Song and Trace Cyrus didn't look happy as they returned from the doctor. Hopefully, the couple can pull together and support each other through whatever is going on in their lives.


FYI: The pics are property of X17, which does not allow ONTD rights to post their coverage. If you're curious, find the pictures on their site...
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