Move over Planking -- Scarlett Johansson Nude Pictures Start New Trend

After Scarlett Johansson's nude pictures were leaked online, the actress alerted the FBI and threatened legal action against the websites who insist on carrying her pictures.

Too late though, because the two pictures are already engraved in public minds. One of the pictures, showing Scarlett posing in the bathroom, with her backside reflected in the mirror, was met with genuine male (and female) admiration online for Scarlett's flawless assets and this has led to the trend – Scarlett Johanssoning.

This trend requires one to pose in the same manner as Scarlett, in a bathroom. While some people pose nude just like ScarJo, and others in barely-there undergarments, the quickest catching trend is getting stuff-toys and pets to pose hilariously (and somewhat disturbingly) like the movie star. Just like Scarlett's photos, some of these images once seen, can never be unseen. Case-in-hand is a coy Chewbacca in a towel, with his tush visible in the mirror behind. Sigh, "Star Wars" will never be the same.More at #SCARLETTJOHANSSONING [NSFW]