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Chart Killa In Rio

During her trip to Brazil for her international “LOUD” tour, Rihanna snuck in some time to sightsee. Paparazzi and fans bombarded the pop star while she visited the Christ of Redeemer statue in Rio De Jeneiro. Looking casual in a yellow top and cutoff denim shorts, Little Miss Sunshine and her BFF Melissa linked arms as they braved the hordes of onlookers.

She also met up with her pal Katy Perry, who will join RiRi on the bill at today’s Rock in Rio festival. “I love you! Had a blast 2nt, missed kickin it witcho CRAY azz,” she told the “Firework” singer.

While overseas, her new single “We Found Love” was shooting up the charts. Less than 24 hours after its release, it was already in the top 5 on intunes. “Btw I just HAVE to say a special Thank You for aaalllll the #MAJAH support on my first single WE FOUND LOVE!!!” tweeted RiRi.

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