Madonna 'Fan' That Gave Hydrangeas is a Belgian Prankster

Video of the Prankster Who Gave The Flowers:

Over the last few days Madonna has drawn some attention on YouTube for being caught on tape at a press conference saying that she absolutely loathes hydrangeas, after being given a bouquet by a fan.  Fans, who were shocked and appalled that Madonna would so blatantly diss the fan that gave her the bouquet, as well as by the fact that anyone could hate hydrangeas so much, watched the video over 2.4 million times.

Shortly after the video was released, it was revealed that the fan that gave her the flowers was actually a Belgian prankster—he knew that Madonna didn’t like hydrangeas and gave them to her on purpose in hopes of a funny reaction. Vitalii Sediuk (the prankster), apparently knew—from previous interviews—that Madonna didn’t like hydrangeas (she is allergic to them), so that’s why he handed them to her.  In fact, Mr. Sediuk followed Madonna after the press conference to see what she did with the hydrangeas and she was actually pretty nice to him.

Check out the original press conference video below and then read on to see Madonna’s reaction.

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