Moby admits he has a small penis, wants to make a porn movie

Moby wants to make a porn movie starring men with small penises.

The 'Porcelain' singer can't understand why X-rated films feature men with larger-than-average manhoods and wants to create a flick which won't make viewers feel inadequate.

Moby - who admits he has watched many adult movies in his lifetime - told Bizarre magazine: "I've never understood why porn made for men often stars studly guys with enormous you know?

"Surely that's intimidating to most guys watching? My porn flick would exclusively feature men with normal-to-titchy-sized penises in order to make viewers feel better."

Although he is unhappy with the status quo of adult movies, Moby is happy being a "little, bald" white guy.

The 45-year-old dance musician started losing his hair 20 years ago and although he was unsure of his hairless look at first he has grown to like it.

He previously said: "I would describe myself as little, bald and white. Small, bald white guys are kind of interchangeable . I used to lament the fact that I didn't look like a cross between Johnny Depp and Orlando Bloom. Then a few years ago I discovered a combination of acceptance and equanimity when I looked in the mirror. There is nothing terribly wrong with my face, even if some of its parts aren't very inspiring."

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