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PCD recording new album WITHOUT Nicole

With a US tour currently underway supporting the Black Eyed Peas, you would think that the P***ycat Dolls have little time for recording a new album, but that, infact, is exactly what's been happening during tour stops.

"We have a few producers on the road with us at the moment, feeling out what's going to happen on the next album," explains long-term Doll Carmit, "and of course Will [Will.I.Am] is also on tour with us, so we're working with him whenever we can too."

Having worked with talent such as Timbaland ("Wait A Minute"), Cee-Lo ("Don't Cha") and Snoop Dogg (the new single "Buttons") on their debut album, "PCD", the girls have a bar to raise with their new material; albeit without the help of lead vocalist Nicole Scherzinger.

"Of course you're always nervous when starting something new, and without Nicole recording with us, there's even more responsibility for us to step up and really deliver," says Kimberley.

Nicole, who joined the group after leaving her short-term post with girlband Eden's Crush, was only drafted in to record the groups debut LP before going solo.

"Although I still am very much part of the group at the moment, I'm still heading off to do my own thing in the Summer," says Nicole.

A taste of what's to come from the more-streamlined *****cat Doll line-up was given late last week, when a clip of new track "Dang (Work That)" leaked onto the internet, without Nicole's vocals.

"Yeah, the response to the clip has been great and it's definately a real taster of what's to come from us," reveals Carmit.

With their tour ending in June, after a short trip to the UK, the group are expected to return to the USA to begin studio production properly. The album is expected in October.
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