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Queering don't make the world go ‘round

I’m not sure how many of you are following beloved 80’s WWF wrestler The Ultimate Warrior’s descent into madness but, for those of you who are, or aren’t, here’s the latest from a speech he gave on the topic of “diversity” at DePaul University:

Some brief notes on the Warrior Warrior’s lecture yesterday at DePaul University about Diversity (100 people, sell out) from Jack Edinger.

Gay and lesbian couples (which he referred to as queers and refused to change his verbiage during the lecture) have the same disease as pedophile priests in the Catholic Church keep in mind this was at DePaul University…one of the largest catholic universities in America

Israeli’s are “sub-human” because they fight with rocks

When asked how he would feel if his daughter grew up to be a homosexual he replied she wont, shes completely feminine in every sense of the word. Keep in mind she’s about 5 years old

When a fan complimented him on slamming Andre the Giant warrior responded “go masturbate at home”

Jack asked how he can go to colleges and promote intelligent debate on issues how could he defend throwing the podium at his speech at Uconn, and he responded “what are you talking to me?” and the stooge DePaul conservative said “he didnt throw a podium...next question”

Anytime a hard question was asked he would reply “your question doesn’t make any sense”

If, for some reason, you need more, here’s a link to his even more insane official website.


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