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Exclusive Details: O-Town Goes Back in Studio -- Without Ashley!

In 2000, O-Town was the first group to break out of the reality show “Making the Band” -- and now, 11 years later, they’re finally back in the studio together!

Trevor Penick, Jacob Underwood, Dan Miller and Erik-Michael Estrada were all seen leaving an L.A. studio together after laying down tracks for a brand new album -- one they'll be making without original group member Ashley Parker Angel.

Since Jacob lives in Nashville, the crew has been recording on and off for the past few weeks as he travels back and forth between the East and West Coast.

A source at the studio tells TooFab the new songs are "coming great" and the group is aiming to have an album out by the end of the year.

The group originally disbanded in 2003, after releasing two Top 10 songs in the US, "Liquid Dreams" and "All or Nothing."


Eric ESTRADA lololol


glad he got rid of his stupid dreads. also wasn't he on the verge of losing his house in LA years ago as seen on Ashley's show?

DAN aka the ONLY one that mattered from O-Town

glad Ikaika's bro force Ikaika to quit cuz thanks to him Dan took his place.

Ashley's' too busy trying to be the JT of this group while raising his song Lyric and dealing with his psychobitchass baby momma Tiffany

Cannot WAIT for YOUNGSTOWN and 5ive to announce their reunion!
but forreal NKOTB did the reunion thing better
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