One to watch: Lana Del Rey

After posting one song online, this 24-year-old American singer sold out a London gig in half an hour

We crave a popstar who is authentic, who thrives because of their talent, not PR. So when you stumble across someone like Lana Del Rey – her popularity apparently born online and growing per YouTube click – it's hard not to be sceptical as to whether she's actually too good to be true. Surely it can't be that after posting just one song online, this brand new artist sold out a London gig in half an hour?

"I just put that song online a few months ago because it was my favourite," the 24-year-old American explains. "To be honest, it wasn't going to be the single but people have really responded to it."

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Source: Guardian

post dedicated to fellow obsessed fan dakotamoss :3
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