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Sunday Blind Items

#1. When his wife was in labor at the hospital, this B list musician was getting pleasured by a nurse in a nearby room. This isn’t the first time he’s done this to her. [Buzzfoto]
Popular guesses:Many 

#2.Which of the mourners who attended Amy Winehouse’s funeral must have got the day confused with some sort of PR event? Seems to be the only reasonable explanation for why they asked if they could “have a plus one”. [PopBitch]
  Known celebs at the funeral: Kelly Osbourne, Nick Grimshaw, Mark Ronson
#3. This Reality Star is not making friends with her in laws. She is getting the major magazine covers without her husband…almost as if who cares about him it’s all about you![Downfront2]
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#4. This A list actor is allegedly very controlling of his famous wife. He orders for her at restaurants, controls her finances and even picks out the clothing she wears. She tells friends she is happy to submit to him because it makes their marriage stronger. [Buzzfoto]
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#5. These two celebrity brothers who have also been known to act on television share more than just a last name. They also share a girlfriend. Well, one of them only shares her part-time because he already has a steady celebrity girlfriend. Both brothers know they are sharing, but the celebrity girlfriend does not. [CDAN]
Many guesses

#6. Two very popular actors. He is smoking hot, and everyone loves her. They are both good looking and at the top of their game. They’ve been spending a lot of time together and look like a sweet and happy couple.
Not so fast. There’s no ring or proposal or engagement coming. This sweetheart and the sexy guy she’s been hanging around with are just friends. They can have fun and be silly and go for walks and eat dinner and support each other’s professional projects. The paparazzi get their photos, the two of them get publicity, and each of them sees their popularity rise while they tease a possible romance. A bearding friendship is so much less pressure than a bearding marriage. Yes, they’re both gay. [BlindGossip]
Popular guesses:Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds; Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield; Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder

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