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Featuring Rihanna, Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, Cheryl Cole, and Adele

Rihanna tweets a fan who was asking when they can expect new music, her reply:

@RiRisBubblePop I thought about a RihRelease, but LOUD is its own body of work! Plus u guys work so F?CKIN hard that u deserve to act brand new!!!

And earlier today, the producers responsible for Cheers and California King Bed had this to share:

TheRealRunners The Runners/Dru
Makin music for @rihanna is the best!!! In the zone #staytuned #trackteam

[source a]
[source b]

Cheryl and Simon reunite over dinner.

The pair suffered a very public falling out after Cole was axed from the judging panel of Cowell's US version of the show back in June.

The media mogul has continually attempted to mend their relationship in the subsequent months and, according to The Mail On Sunday, finally persuaded Cole to agree to a dinner date this week.

"Simon invited her for dinner," a source claimed. "He did all the running - he was much more upset about their friendship breaking down than he let on.

"He had been trying to persuade her to meet up for weeks. They talked about the sacking and Simon explained why it happened, and apologised for the first time. Simon has told Cheryl he wants to work on future projects together."

The insider further claimed that Cole appeared to be much happier since having the chance to reconcile with Cowell.

"Cheryl is playing it cool but they are friends again," they said. "She hasn't felt this great in months."

Cole was this week rumoured to be negotiating a big-money deal with ITV which would see her land her own chatshow.

Having scored big with '19' and '21,' Adele might get a crack at 007.

In a recent appearance on Jonathan Ross' UK talk show, the British soul singer hinted that she would follow up her first two albums by recording a song for the forthcoming 23rd James Bond movie.

"I'm going back in the studio in November, fingers crossed," Adele said. "Well, this is actually a theme, what I've got to do. Wow, that's really giving something away."

Quick on the uptake, Ross hummed a few bars of the Bond theme, causing Adele to blush and backpedal. While she wouldn't confirm the host's suspicions, a source told UK newspaper The Sun that the 'Rolling in the Deep' hitmaker has, indeed, "been approached to record title tracks."

"None have taken her fancy but when you look back at the iconic singers who have done Bond she's be in prestigious company," the source said. [source]
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