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Contagion Cast premiere in Venice

With the annual Venice Film Festival in full swing, the cast of “Contagion” hit the red carpet for their film's premiere at Palazzo de Cinema on Saturday night (September 3).

Joining in on the celebration were lovely actress Gwyneth Paltrow, as well as newly-bald actor Matt Damon (who was joined by wife Luciana Barroso), as well as fellow co-star Laurence Fishburne.

For the sci-fi thriller, Damon teamed back up with director Steven Soderbergh - who also directed him in the “Ocean's Eleven” movies starting back in 2001.

“Steven sent me the script with a note that said, ‘Read this and then go wash your hands,’” said Damon, with a laugh. “After seeing this movie in a theater filled with strangers, I’m sure that thought will definitely cross peoples’ minds.”

As for "Contagion," the picture - which hits theaters on September 9th - also stars Jude Law and Kate Winslet while being an "action-thriller centered on the threat posed by a deadly disease and an international team of doctors contracted by the CDC to deal with the outbreak."

more pictures here & here
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