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Best Rapper Alive projected to sell 1 million first week

When the initial reports came in that Lil Wayne was looking at a likely week of somewhere between 600 and 750k, we thought he should be thankful—with all the delays and the underwhelming fan response, anywhere in that range seemed like a pretty respectable showing to us. But then, the numbers changed — Billboard reported yesterday that Wayne was more likely to come in at around 850,000. And now, projections have gone up again: HITS Daily Double reports that Weezy is closer to the 925-975k range, very clearly in striking distance of a cool mil.

Lil Wayne shattered the iTunes record for first-week U.S. album sales in just four days with a total over 300k. His new Cash Money Records/Universal Republic album, Tha Carter IV, topped the previous record, which was set just two weeks ago by Jay Z and Kanye West’s Watch the Throne at 290k and held by Coldplay before that with 282k from all digital outlets. Based on current trends, Weezy’s first-week downloads from all DSPs could approach 375k for the album, which is slated to debut on Tuesday with 925-975k in total sales.

Weezy up in your ass like a tampon!

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Tags: lil wayne, music / musician (rap and hip-hop)

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