Every time Britney Spears sings "baby" and "crazy" in one supercut

Five and a half mesmerizing minutes guaranteed to drive you crazy (baby).

We love supercuts here at IFC.com, these homemade compilation montages of pop culture tropes or cliches that have become so popular on the Internet in the last couple years. Usually they're about movies or TV shows -- every goofy Arnold Schwarzenegger wise-crack or every Don Draper "What?", to name two popular examples -- but this one is about music. And it is amazing.

It's a highlight reel of every single time pop queen Britney Spears has sung -- or whispered or warbled or Auto-Tuned -- the words "baby" or "crazy" over the course of her entire career. She likes these words a lot. A lot. Maybe too much, which is what I think this supercut goes to show.

Equally chilling and mesmerizing, this supercut is also really interesting because it enables us to hear something designed to sound sexy stripped (no pun intended) of the context that might enable us to discern its erotic content. Britney's cooing baby over and over but we don't know who she's talking to or why. And she sounds kind of crazy as a result (baby).