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Bethenny Frankel's Daughter Bryn, 15 Months, Is a Vegetarian

At 15-months old, Bethenny Frankel's baby girl Bryn is already on her way to becoming a Skinnygirl.

The healthy-living entrepreneur, 40, is hyperaware about feeding her tot healthy foods, but the figure-conscious mom isn't serving her daughter any meat whatsoever.

"As far as raising Bryn as a vegetarian, that was a personal choice," the Bethenny Ever After star wrote on her website Wednesday. "If Bryn is older and wants something at a party that isn't vegetarian, I don't want her to feel ostracized. She’ll find her way."

"I have eaten raw, vegan, vegetarian, etc. and I love the feeling of eating all of those healthy foods and not incorporating meat," she said. "If I have to vow to never eat meat again because she starts to notice that I have a piece of turkey bacon, then I may make that sacrifice."

Bryn -- whose father is Frankel's hubby Jason Hoppy -- still consumes some animal products. "I chose not to have her be vegan because I believe she needs the fat and protein in milk," Frankel said. "Sometimes I need her to fill up on organic cheese. Her health comes first."

But Frankel insists her daughter won't eat typical kid food. "As a child, I ate sushi, escargot, venison -- anything and everything. I wasn't squeamish about food, and I'm proud to say that I've never ordered off of a children's menu in my entire life," she said. "[Bryn won't] be a children's menu child either."

The first-time mom has her daughter on an "all organic" diet, but she insists she's not extreme with it. "If we are in a Mexican restaurant where I know the guacamole isn’t organic, it's OK," she said. "Obsession isn't the point here. Doing the best we can is.""Our babies are a beautiful clean slate," she said. "I am so excited for how healthy [Bryn] will be."

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