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Is Shooting In 3D Upsetting to the Actors?

As many people know veteran actor, and father of Eric Northman, Stellan Skarsgard has recently shown up in the movie "Thor" and will be reprising the role in the upcoming movie "Group Hug", aka "The Avengers", next year. But he almost didn't do "Group Hug" because of the evil 3D cameras.

Anyone who stayed after the credits in "Thor" (or who has been keeping up with "The Avengers" filming) knows that Stellan Skarsgard is going to be returning as Dr. Eric Selvig in the upcoming Marvel film. But little do they know that he almost didn't participate in "The Avengers" because of Marvel's usage of 3-D cameras.

The post-credits sequence for "Thor" was shot by "Avengers" director Joss Whedon using 3-D cameras, which Skarsgard described as "a horrible contraption with two cameras and the mirror and stuff" in an interview with I Am Rogue. Apparently the experience was so awful, he almost didn't stay with the movie.

"I was considering not wanting to do the film if we were going to shoot it with machinery like that. But they decided to shoot 'The Avengers' now on the small electric cameras and then digitally make the 3D afterwards, which is much more comfortable," he said. "I prefer to work with light and fast equipment because as an actor if you have to wait twenty minutes every time they change a lens the energy sort of fades out of the performance."

Skarsgard has already wrapped filming his self-described "small role" in the movie. He finished shooting the last scene in the movie the day of the I Am Rogue interview. Most of his scenes are with Tom Hiddleston, who plays Loki, as was teased by the post-credits scene in "Thor." Skarsgard sort of set the record straight about the cliffhanger at the end of the movie.

"With the scene we did in 'Thor,' it was like Loki, one way or the other, entered Eric’s mind. And in 'Avengers,' you will see more clarity in how Loki is using Eric’s mind," he said.

Though he is only signed on to "The Avengers" at the moment, Skarsgard said he could be in up to five Marvel movies in total. Needless to say, he's been pretty impressed by the way Marvel has gone about adapting their stories.

"Those stories are modern American mythology and there are tons of fans out there to who these characters are very vivid and living," he said. "They are hiring the best writers, the best directors, and the best actors which means specific quality products that are entertaining to people who are not even familiar with those super heroes."

I, for one, despise movies in 3D. It hurts my eyes, gives me headaches, sucks all the color out of movies, and really is never worth the extra money. I've yet to see a movie that was truly enhanced by the use of 3D. So I'm glad to hear some actors hate it too. And Thor was so ugly in 3D.

What do you think of movies in 3D, ONTD?

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