Is Kristen Stewart's Brother Going to Be a Star, Too? (no)

As Kristen Stewart fans know, the Twilight megastar will not be starring in her mom Jules Stewart's directorial debut, K-11. But that's OK. It's still a family affair: K.Stew's older brother, Cameron, landed a role in the indie drama.

"He's amazing," True Blood actress Tara Buck, who plays a transsexual in the movie, told us the other night at the Patterns for Paws event in Los Angeles. "He's the sweetest guy. Really open and incredibly professional. It was his first [major] movie and he does a spectacular job. He's  gorgeous, so I think you'll probably see a lot more of him."

K-11 is a prison drama that follows the story of a music mogul (Goran Visnjic) who wakes up in a Los Angeles jail after a three-day binge of  partying. Cameron plays an inmate named Sledgehammer. As for how mama Stewart is doing with her directorial debut?

"Honestly, she is one of my favorite directors I've ever worked with," Buck gushed. "She wrote the movie herself and just knows every detail of what she wanted. So truly I felt like I was completely protected and in great hands."

I've just started watching The L Word and Shane reminds me of Kristen so much.
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