Blind Items

You can't run and you can't hide.

1. Which very famous actress and music icon had a secret love child together in the late 1990s? Both of these parents are extremely well-known in their fields. At the time, Beauty and The Beast were each married to other celebrities, but had an affair while working on a project together. Beauty was just becoming well-known at the time, and having a baby with a famous and married music icon while each was married to someone else would have hurt everyone’s careers. So, when they discovered she was pregnant, both couples agreed that Beauty would take a little time away from the spotlight, and Beast and his wife would publicly pretend to be pregnant. Beauty and her husband separated because of the affair, but Beast’s wife stood by him and raised the child as her own… even though Beauty and The Beast have hooked up several times
Blind Gossip
My Guess: Nicole Kidman (divorced Tom after misscarriage, could have been a cover) and Bono on the set of Moulin Rouge. Bono's wife had son Elijiah in 1999 and he has curly, red hair.... idk

2. Although she works hard to present herself to the world as a wonderful person, this actress has a black streak a mile wide. She wants what she wants when she wants it, and she enjoys it even more if it hurts someone she dislikes. In this case, she is still pouring salt into the wound of the woman whose husband she stole. The woman has since moved on to a new relationship, but the actress just can’t leave bad enough alone. She wants the woman’s new beau to star with her in a movie. Considering that the beau is barely on anyone’s radar as an actor, it’s clearly a move designed by the actress to hurt the woman. BTW, although it would mean a big boost to his career, the beau will turn down the part out of loyalty to the woman.
Blind Gossip
My Guess: Easily Angelina... a friend from high school was a PA for Salt and said she would only talk to male crew members and was really bitchy towards any females on set- crew, wives, actresses, etc.

3. This B- list model is not used to actually having to do anything for the money she is paid. Oh, not for modeling, but for being a girlfriend. See, our model previously was the girlfriend for an A list rapper and he only wanted her by his side to look pretty so people would think he liked women. She loved the role. He finally got tired of paying though so she moved on to another rapper who did not have as much money or fame, but it beat trying to audition for modeling jobs. The thing is though her latest guy is straight and expects way more from the model other than to look pretty. At this point she cannot stand the guy but has no other options. Plus, she thinks she can get a reality show out of this.
Blind Gossip
My Guess: Amber Rose

4. Which iconic Oscar-winning actor/director may be suffering from the early stages of Alzheimer’s? The star recently had a meltdown at a Hollywood restaurant when he couldn’t find his cell phone to call his wife. Turns out he had accidentally tossed the cell into the men’s room toilet!
National Enquirer
My Guess: it really pains me to say this..... but Clint Eastwood? Alzheimers is such a heartbreaking disease, my heart goes out to whoever it is :(

5. This B list comedienne who has been in television and movies recently went off on a rant about Scientology in front of a group of people, not realizing that two belonged to the organization. When they started to challenge her on something, the comedienne had a light go off and asked if they were involved with it. They said yes and she told them to run for their lives and then walked away.
My Guess: Kathy Griffin serving up a dose of TRUTH. Preach it, gurl

Anyone else gain like, 10lbs this weekend waiting for the hurricane? This is what happens when I stock up on a ton of food and spend the weekend sitting in my apartment, getting bored, and eating because there's not much else I can do. I need to get on my post-hurricane workout regiment for real